The wines

of Castile

of the Ontañón Familly

Vinos de Castilla

Rippa Dori, Ribera del Duero and Rueda, the wines of Castile of the Ontañón Family which spring from the awe inspired by this place with the name of an appellation, a name synonymous with speaking about and understanding wines; white, indigenous verdejo wines, red wines which express the finesse of the continental tempranillo. The continental character of the climate can be so extreme that there is a risk of frosts not only in spring but also at the beginning of autumn, even before the harvest. As Amaya Cervera explains, this ever-present risk is an excellent example of the region’s harsh climate, further brought home by the austere landscape of heaths and hilltops which have also forged the character of the people of the Duero. Another basic feature is the altitude, much higher than that of the great European winemaking rivers, which compensates the lower altitude and offers tools to combat climate change both in the highest parts and because of the cooler exposure.

Different altitudes, soils of different origins, slopes and climate areas make up a diversity which is hard to match. From the wine angle, the Duero represents a heritage of incalculable value.

For the Master of Wine Fernando de la Mora, rivers have different ways of making their winemaking regions great: in the Garonne because of the soils and their commercial history, the Rhone for its long history and topography; the Mosel for its early classifications and orientations; Napa for its economic power and position as the entry point for a defining climatic phenomenon for viticulture. In this context, the Duero’s greatness lies in its diversity.

If we think about grape varieties, the Duero is a river of tempranillo on the Spanish side interrupted by a patch of white grapes (nearly all verdejo) in the Rueda district. These two varieties have crossed borders to become clear representatives of Spain as a wine producing country.
And this is the philosophy of Rippa Dorii

Rueda y Ribera

Rueda y Duero

Tempranillo y Verdejo