Unique wines from exceptional soils

GEOGRAFÍAS is the most thrilling and subtle RIPPA DORII project, the most profound journey embarked on by our bodega in search of the essence of the meaning of the wines of the Duero basin, the wines of the remote, primordial Castile,  wines which are born from a sustained gaze, of time with a vocation of lasting .

Each of the GEOGRAFÍAS of Rippa Dorii will mark out a territory; that is, a specific, special vineyard plot which we try to understand through a unique wine in which we have sought to describe and sketch out the essence of each spot, of each specific space in which we will leave the very best of ourselves. We can find the key to these wines in the very etymology of the word Geografía: «The description of the land from the point of view of the soil». ‘Geo’ is land and ‘-grafía’ means description. And this is our great challenge. To describe, sketch and fall in love with unique landscapes. And then to share them with the world to make us all feel happier.

And all achieved through rational, measured viticulture, all with total respect for tradition and understanding the land, the people who make the wine, the characteristics of each soil and of each way of doing things while fully respecting the identity of the zone and the wine.

And this is the challenge. To immerse ourselves in a space which we consider to be unique, to delve into its history, in the most intimate folds of its personality, and from there create a wine without forgetting the know-how handed down from our tradition as growers and to use all our knowledge in its service.

The poetry of GEOGRAFÍAS from RIPPA DORII.

‘Sobre ti van los hombres y los cielos’ is the slogan of our bodega, a line from a wonderful poem by José García Nieto entitled ‘A orillas del Duero’ (On the banks of the Duero), which he included in his collection ‘Geografía es amor’ (Geography is love), published in 1955 and with which he won the Premio Nacional de Literatura in 1957.



Rippa Dorii wines from exceptional soils

Sobre ti van los hombres y los cielos
contigo, peregrina, va Castilla
contigo van los surcos y los vuelos.

RIPPA DORII actually means the banks of the Duero, the title of the immortal poem by García Nieto which gives us our inspiration because they  represent the people who make the wine, the weather and the hope for a happy harvest, the soul of this land, attachment to the land and the dreams of the growers.


Rippa Dorii Geografías Rueda Los Curas




100% verdejo / 2020

Los Curas Is an exceptional, historic vineyard located in Rueda, which belonged to the Archpriesthood of Medina, and like few others represents the superb distinction of the most profound and pared down verdejo thanks to the complexity of a soil of smoothed stones laid out on quaternary era limestone sandbanks. Los Curas delicately brings together an extreme climate and a grape variety to sketch a surprising memory of this emblematic place.

Rippa Dorii Geografías Riberda del Duero Salomón




100% tempranillo / 2021

Salomón is a unique vineyard, lashed by the passing of the years, survivor of harsh winters and arid summers in which it extracts the legendary finesse of the tempranillo from the Burgos Ribera of Fuentecén. Old bush vines in new glasses. Elegance which is sustained through time devoted to a remote tradition of men, skies and a river, the Duero, which marks the beat of the seasons and the rhythm of a wine with a vocation to last forever.