del Duero

Ribera del Duero is the red wine vocation from RIPPA DORII. Tempranillo that seduces time. Heaths that rise to a height of nine hundred metres, truly harsh climate conditions, uneven rainfall, unpredictable frosts and short, often extremely hot summers. Ageless tradition of viticulture connected to the soil which seeks finesse, concentrated fruit and elegance.

Red Vocation

Fine Tempranillo

The great Ribera grape which offers us a fruity aromatic intensity, ripe dark fruit like blackcurrants, blueberries or blackberries. Subtle notes of red berries and floral violet aromas also appear. Elegance which transcends the years. We have a tiny universe of selected family vineyards in the heart of the Ribera del Duero of the Cuenca de Riaza basin in Burgos province, in the plots of Fuentecén, a village that hugs around its historic wine cellar quarter. In our collection of plots the outstanding ones are the old bush vines of Salomón and San Torcaz or El Roble and La Peña, surrounded by woods of holm oaks, tied to the most illustrious tradition of the appellation.

We look for…

We do not stop asking ourselves questions. We search. We know about elegance, we are subjugated by the emotion of the profound wines which date back in our memory. We work the vines with love and care. We look for nuances. We believe in the beauty of the nuances, of the details. French oak, American oak. And Spanish oak. Iberian Pyrenean oak. It all moves us to commit our efforts to new terroirs in forgotten spots. A faithful viticulture respecting the territory, committed to biodiversity to search for the incredible details which make each wine an unforgettable drink.