2021 100% tempranillo

Ribera del Duero / tempranillo / 2021
Fuentecén, heart of the ribera region

Rippa Dorii Ribera del Duero Roble

The elegance of the Burgos tempranillo

The oaked Rippa Dorii roble wine is a polished wine in which we seek the maximum expression of the fruit from our selected vineyards in the heart of the Ribera del Duero in the Burgos province district of the Cuenca del Riaza, in the Fuentecén heathland. Vineyards over fifteen years’ old, carefully selected Burgos tempranillo which we cask age for seven months and in which we preserve the youthfulness of the vintage and a perfectly integrated gentle aroma of oak.


Selected family-owned vineyards in the heart of the Ribera del Duero in the zone of the Cuenca del Riaza in the province of Burgos, on the heathland of Fuentecén. Vines over 15 years’ old with yields of less than 5,500 kilos per hectare.

Harvest 2021

The 40th anniversary vintage of the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin was rated as EXCELLENT by the Board. The cycle began with the historic Philomena snowstorm in our vineyards in the Fuentecén zone, with extraordinarily low temperatures. The rains extended until mid February and spring came early with temperatures of up to 25ºC at the end of March, which led to early budburst. The summer was hot and dry with very cool nights. Ripening was a little later than normal and harvesting began with very good acidity levels and a potential of 14º strength.


We make an initial selection in the vineyards by tasting the grape for ripeness so as to decide the date for the harvest and the optimum time to pick in order to achieve the highest amount of fruit notes.

Maceration: The grapes are left to macerate with the skins for three days prior to fermentation.

Fermentation: Gentle and allowed to spread over time (more than 14 days), with temperatures between 21 and 23ºC. We then trigger the malolactic fermentation during the final stages of alcoholic fermentation.


Seven months in new casks, with 40 per cent American oak and 60 per cent French oak, with different levels of toasting. All the casks are used for their first vintage.

Grape varieties

Tempranillo single variety.

7 months in casks /
60 % french /
40% american /

Rippa Dorii Ribera del Duero Roble 2020




Intense, violet-coloured robe which underlines its youth and liveliness. Persistent tears in the glass.


Intense fruit aromas of ripe, dark berries such as blackcurrants, blueberries and blackberries. Subtle notes of red berry fruit also appear along with floral nuances of violets. Slight aroma of well-integrated oak without overshadowing the fruit which is always present. Hints of liquorice and a presence of the clay soils of the Fuentecén heaths.


En boca es un vino vivaz, con una entrada muy agradable y equilibrada. De trago largio. Buen balance de acidez, tanicidad y alcohol. En fase retronasal de nuevo expone su esencia de fruta.


14,30 %

Serving and storage temperature.

Best served at 12-15 ºC.

Cellaring potential

It is a wine which is perfect for drinking now. If it is stored in optimum conditions (12-14ºC) at 60% relative humidity and without temperature variations, it could last several years.