The soils speak to us

Rueda is a fascinating world. The white wines of Castile in their sharpest definition. In Rippa Dorii we work with a selection of vineyards spread between the main districts of the DO Rueda, so that we can enjoy playing with the personalities of the different types of soil: gravelly, outcrops of limestone, dilluvial and alluvial terraces, greyish-brown soils on stony deposits. Vines planted on gentle slopes at altitudes which are always over seven hundred metres above sea level and an extreme climate of long winters and short summers in which the warmth seduces the verdejo grapes to achieve the most perfect, balanced ripening.

The soils speak to us
Verdejo Denominación Rueda

We love Verdejo

Its finesse, its elegance on the palate, its volume, wrapping around the mouth. Its persistence, its length, its aromatic complexity, which is what is often what is considered its main essence, but which is by no means the only thing. Verdejo offers two wonderful sensations: its structure, with a special, powerful, dense mouth-feel … And then that exciting touch of bitterness in the finish which means you will never forget it.

Cold,natural débourage and

indigenous yeasts.

The grapes reach the Rippa Dorii winery with the freshness of the temperature of the night harvesting, but it is important to help them by chilling a few degrees more. This means that the extraction from the press is as rich as possible and transfers the greatest amount of aromas to the must. Vinification is with the natural yeasts found on the skins of the grapes.  The wine is run off by gravity, known as natural débourbage, in order not to take life out of the must with other mechanical processes such as filtering or decanting. Natural running off before the spontaneous fermentation means that the must preserves all its sensory qualities thanks to its cleanness and not using mechanical means.